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About Us

During the last Ice Age (1977) David was working in a jewelry store that routinely needed items engraved. The existing vendor was too far away for speedy service, and got it wrong too often.  So Cindy bought her own machine and started working for several stores in the Dallas area.  This taught us both to get it right the first time.  It wasn't until 1984 that the business grew to a point where we quit our day jobs, and the first computerized machine didn't grace our shop until 1990. Now we have two machines and serve scores of Police Departments, Fire & Rescue, Security Firms, etc. internationally.

 David is also a one-time cross-country bicyclist, a published author, a mall Santa (http://heartofsanta.com), an occasional woodworker, and a sometime Christian speaker.  (The sometime part is for speaking, not being a Christian.) In his spare time, he volunteers with Destination Imagination, teaching Creative Problem Solving in the schools. He has never been mistaken for Brad Pitt.

 Cindy is a self-taught entrepreneur and a suspected Luddite who also helps Santa with logistics.  She has never been mistaken.